Game of Thrones Pub Quiz

Game of Thrones Pub Quiz

4th Jun 2017 5pm - 6:30pm

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We've read the runes, muttered the mystic chants and sacrificed a few heathens just for good measure. Now we wait with baited breath as the Stoke Newington Literary Festival's annual Game of Thrones Pub Quiz lies motionless on the slab, watching for any sign of life. A twitching eyelid... a hiss of breath... it's alive! Yes, if you think you know your Sand Snakes from your Sons of the Harpy, your incestuous siblings from your castrated princelings, this is the quiz for you. Test your knowledge of who killed who, in which ancestral castle and with what blunt implement – plus just a few questions on the books, because literary festival. There'll also be prizes to please even the nerdiest Throner.