8th Jun 2019 1pm - 2pm

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We are taught that motherhood is something we should aspire to, and this fantasy can dominate the whole of our lives. Yet no one can prepare you for the loss of a child, nor what to do when that child’s life is in jeopardy, nor when motherhood isn't forthcoming. In her new book, Betty Trask Award-winning novelist Francesca Segal (Mothership) shares the intimate few months of the premature birth of her twins. Psychotherapist Julia Bueno explores miscarriage in her new book <em>The Brink of Being</em>. They talk to Henny Beaumont, whose graphic novel <em>Hole in the Heart</em> tells yet another story about the unexpected arrival of a child with Down's Syndrome. They explore the unexpected sides of what it is to be - or not - a mother.